How do we work?

We’ve created this initiative as a way to provide vital educational resources that promote solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Make a Difference

What We’ve Done

So far we have seen some major wins for Verb for Humanity. The work doesn't stop here, but so far we have...

  • Eliminated single-use plastics in our workspace
  • Restructured our corporate book club list so that one book a quarter is dedicated to social justice, education and learning
  • Created an interactive forum to enable discussion about important topics, as well as to brainstorm solutions to social challenges
Next up, we’re going to focus our efforts on

What We’re Doing

Improving our ESG score (Want to learn more about ESG scores and what they mean? Click here)

Building social awareness about important issues

Elevating women to leadership roles

Improving our hiring structure to promote diversity and equal opportunities

Launching our Verb for Humanity shopping site—we’ll feature fun, socially conscious apparel and merch, with all proceeds going to a great cause

In short about us.

We love what we do.

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"So many people were in need, and it truly felt like we were serving a good purpose."

“Spending our time together as a family really set in as I looked up and saw our Verb family also there with us."

"So many people were in need, and it truly felt like we were serving a good purpose."
Giving to those in need
Los Angeles
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