We’re passionate about action...

Action that encourages real, necessary change, both on a personal and a community level.

About Verb for Humanity

This website was created to be interactive online and in-person resource center, both for Verb employees and the community as a whole.In addition to providing vital educational resources that promote solutions to social and environmental challenges, this forum will enable users to contribute by communicating their own ideas and solutions.Here, you’ll find curated opportunities to learn, discuss and engage:

Learn: We’ll post curated videos and book lists, as well as links to petitions, vetted foundations and more, all of which serve to provide education about important social issues.

Discuss: We’ll do our best to post topics that spark a robust online conversation via our interactive forum.

Engage: Additionally, this site serves as a hub for information and updates as we work with community leaders to provide access to grassroots education, in-person round table discussions, and well-researched initiatives with the potential to enact real change.

Real people

Meet our team.

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